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Cool in Warm, Warm in Cool – Insulated Dog House

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Home Page > Home and Family > Pets > Cool in Warm, Warm in Cool – Insulated Dog House Cool in Warm, Warm in Cool – Insulated Dog House Edit Article | Posted: Jun 22, 2010 |Comments: 0 | ]]>

Having a pet can be like having a new born baby in some respects. Neither can actually communicate to you exactly what they are thinking or feeling. Neither of them can come right out and tell you they are hungry, tired, too hot or too cold. They use sounds and gestures or exhibit behavior to try and express themselves but as the owner it is up to you too try and interpret these. The easiest way to care for both is to attempt to assume their needs. You will need to be proactive and realize hey, it’s time they got dinner. They also require exercise so a walk or going to the park to have them fetch a Frisbee would be a good idea. I’m talking strictly about the dog now… not the baby. If it’s hot house, they need water and a cool place to relax quietly and if it’s cold they need to be protected from the wind and cold and a warm place to rest. The best way to serve these last two needs with a dog that lives outside for periods of time would be with a well insulated dog house.

The misconception is that insulation is meant for cool climates however in the hot sun, a well insulated dog house can keep them shaded and with a vented ridge cap for the hot air to escape the inside temperature can stay fairly reasonable. This would be a welcome break from the hot sun for sure. There are two styles offered in the insulated dog houses. The Environmental Ace style is constructed with a composite material, lightweight and easy to fit together. These units are extremely durable, they won’t warp or dent and the finish won’t fade and crack in the sun like a plastic dog house. They also have adequate ventilation through the roof so it’s not like a little sauna in there like plastic can create. The cedar model is also insulated. The cedar itself it a wood that resists insects, arrive stained and sealed and ready to put together. Assembly for both units is made easy with all the necessary material included and predrilled to allow you to have a finished dog house in less than 25 minutes.

A well insulated dog house can take some of the guess work out of the care of your best friend. They will learn that this space can keep them warm in winter and cool in summer so rather than having to try and find a place to get a break from the elements, they will just go to their house. You can feel good knowing you have addressed their basic needs, and your dog in comfortable and safe. These dog houses are clearly not going to work for babies, you’ll have to deal with them differently and when they talk, they will let you know!

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Cedar insulated doghouses and extra large dog houses shipped free to your front door!

]]> Questions and Answers Ask our experts your Pets related questions here… Ask 200 Characters left My little dog has a hacking cough for 2.5 days now..he did throw up a large chunk of food and the coughing stopped for awhile now its back…what could be wrong? How many dogs can i have in my house? I need to stop my next door neighbours 3 dogs from barking when they are shut in the house all day, what best device do you suggest that i can leave outside Rate this Article 1 2 3 4 5 vote(s) 0 vote(s) Feedback RSS Print Email Re-Publish Source: Article Tags: extra large dog houses, extra large doghouses, dog houses for large dogs, dog houses for two dogs, custom dog houses, dog houses kennels, dog houses insulated Related Videos Related Articles Latest Pets Articles More from Steven Barnhart How to House Train a Dog the Easy Way

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Hot Tips For Selecting a Cedar Doghouse!

Size matters! Make sure the dog house you select is the right size. Now this would seem like a no brainer. However there are several dimensions that need to be taken into consideration. Door opening, ceiling height, floor space …length x width x height. When measuring the door opening remember it is wise to go with approximately 3/4 of your dog’s height so your dog is protected during harsh weather.

By: Steven Barnhartl Home and Family> Petsl Jun 22, 2010 Air Conditioned Dog Houses

If you live in a mild or cold climate you have probably never considered getting an air conditioned dog house for your dog. But if you live in a summer climate or where the summer temperatures soar, an air conditioned dog house is something you should definitely consider if your dog spends time outside.

By: Steven Barnhartl Home and Family> Petsl Jun 21, 2010 Outdoor Dog Houses

Many dog owners have no choice but to leave their dogs outside during the day when they are away or at other times. It is important that your dog has a shelter where it is protected from temperature extremes and the other elements. Your dog will feel secure and comfortable with the proper outdoor dog house and you will not have to worry that your best friend is suffering in the heat, cold, or rain, all of which can cause injury or health problems for your dog.

By: Steven Barnhartl Home and Family> Petsl Jun 17, 2010 Custom Dog Houses – A Treat For Mans Best Friend

When the time comes to purchase an outside home for your families dog it can sometimes be hard to find exactly the right dog house. While there are many different dog house designs currently available at affordable houses many of them are cut from the same mold and model. Rather than purchase a dog house that looks just like every other dog house in the neighborhood many families want to find something that is original, unique, and suits their dogs’ personality.

By: Steven Barnhartl Home and Family> Petsl Jun 17, 2010 An Extra Large Dog Needs an Extra Large Luxury Dog House

Housing an extra large breed dog is not always an easy task. Even of they move at a slower pace, when laying down stretch out from nose to tail these puppies can take up quite a bit of real estate in your home. Some of the large breed dogs were bred for hunting and have thick heavy coats that mean they prefer a slightly cooler climate.

By: Steven Barnhartl Home and Family> Petsl Jun 22, 2010 Cedar Duplex Dog Houses

When you want your special dog to have something that is as unique as he is, you will find the answer in a cedar duplex dog house. There are a number of reasons why it is the ideal gift for your special friend. One of the most important things you should know about cedar dog houses is that they are very practical. Instead of looking at it as a luxury, noting all of the practical aspects of these dog houses will help you to see why your dog really needs one.

By: Steven Barnhartl Home and Family> Petsl Jun 22, 2010 Extra Large Dog Houses For a St Bernard

The working rescue dog from the Swiss Alps also had jobs in security, herding and the hunting sector as well. Very versatile for a dog that is an extra large breed, the St. Bernard will stand approximately 28 inches at the shoulder and a full grown male can weigh from 160 to 250 pounds! So the breed has not only been famous throughout history for their ability to serve as rescue dogs but their size makes them notorious in tales of rescue as well.

By: Steven Barnhartl Home and Family> Petsl Jun 22, 2010 Top 5 Reasons Why an Indoor Dog House is Beneficial to You and Your Dog

Training purposes: this establishes boundaries for the pet. They have their space and learn through training that this is where they go to in the living room. You can’t allow pets to take over your house, climbing over you in bed or when you’re on the couch watching television. The indoor dog house sets some groundwork for determining where you belong and where the pooch belongs.

By: Steven Barnhartl Home and Family> Petsl Jun 22, 2010 Five Basic and Cool Tricks to Train Your Dog

Dogs are very lovable and clever animals. They make great pets for every people with different needs. Statistics have shown that thirty-seven percent of American homes own at least two dogs. It becomes further interesting to be aware that a typical American dog possessor spends 0 to 0 dollars for their lovable pet’s grooming maintenance, fitness, and nourishment.

By: Daryl B. Chapmanl Home and Family> Petsl Apr 02, 2011 Bulldog Puppies for Sale through Breeders

Bulldogs are popular as they make good pets and show animals. For this reason many bulldogs can be purchased in almost every city.

By: Dawn Castillol Home and Family> Petsl Apr 02, 2011 Natural Cat Litter vs. Clay Litter

Trying to decide between natural cat litter and a clay version? You’ll find that there are different types of litter options available, including natural and commercial clay litters. If you’re unsure which type of litter you should be using, here is a closer look at both of these options to help you make an informed decision.

By: Anne Brooksl Home and Family> Petsl Apr 02, 2011 Your Own Place to Find Great Puppies for Sale is collaborated with the local breeders and they always supply the best quality of puppies. All of our puppies are examined by veterinarian. We are the best breeders. We also offer you warranties for each puppies that you buy from us.

By: amelisametisl Home and Family> Petsl Apr 02, 2011 Loss of Appetite Due to Dog Diarrhea – 4 Common Causes

Diarrhea in dogs will also result to loss of appetite. This is due to the sensitive state of the dog’s stomach causing it to reject any food. Loss of appetite due to dog diarrhea is also an indication of another problem in your dog that needs to be treated.

By: Alex Howelll Home and Family> Petsl Apr 01, 2011 Dog Diarrhea Every Hour – Chronic Colitis and Its 7 Causes

Diarrhea is common to dogs as they are prone to putting almost anything into their mouths. However, there are instances that your dog will contract a type of diarrhea where it has to defecate every hour. Dog diarrhea every hour is quite serious since this is a very severe form of diarrhea.

By: Alex Howelll Home and Family> Petsl Apr 01, 2011 Jewelry for dogs

Why was jewelry created? To make people look more presentable? To express who they are? Whatever the reason was, it has come to the notion that whenever someone wears jewelry, somehow it makes that person feel their own persona, their beauty, and what makes them special. Giving jewelry has been a form of expressing fondness, feelings, and love. While jewelry giving is normal among people, animal lovers have taken their love for their pets to a new level by buying jewelry for dogs.

By: Lynn Porterl Home and Family> Petsl Apr 01, 2011 Do You Really Need Dog Seat Belts as a Pet Owner?

The last thing that dog owners think about when driving with their dog is securing their dog. However, your dog is in danger and can get seriously hurt if something happens. It’s not the best thing to let your pet roam free around your car. If you seriously care about your dog’s safety, then you should look into purchasing dog seat belts.

By: Lynn Porterl Home and Family> Petsl Apr 01, 2011 A Dog House Heater – Perfect Winter Protection For Your Dog!

Protecting your dog throughout the year can be a challenge especially if you reside in a harsh climate of the country. If your dog lives outside and has a house to get in the absolute perfect scenario would be if your dog’s house was heated and air conditioned! Sounds a wee-bit crazy but you can do that for your best friend!

By: Steven Barnhartl Home and Family> Petsl Sep 24, 2010 lViews: 192 Newfoundland Dogs – Orthopedic Mats

The size and stature of the giant breed known as the Newfoundland dog makes them prone to health issues you may not see in a smaller breed dog. They may seem slow and lazy however regular exercise is a necessary requirement to keep this pet strong and healthy. When they are indoors or even relaxing outside they will be quite content to lie peacefully and motionless for long periods of time. Keeping this pet comfortable and loved can be achieved very easily.

By: Steven Barnhartl Home and Family> Petsl Jun 22, 2010 lViews: 129 The 6 Dog Rules For Their City Living

Approach other dogs with the proper respect. There is a different way to express curiosity about another dog passing than humans consider correct, and sometimes they don’t understand. If they want us to be friendly we need to go through the proper rituals so their relentless ‘stop it’ won’t foster the relationship at all. If we come across a dog with bad manners being aggressive and taunting us we should do what our mothers always told us, ignore them and they will eventually go away!

By: Steven Barnhartl Home and Family> Petsl Jun 22, 2010 How to Care For Your Dog – 6 Tips For Doggie Maintenance

There are many elements that factor in to the proper care of your pet. For a healthy happy pet you must look beyond food and water. There is more to it than throwing down some water and kibble, and the more you care for the pet, the better your relationship can be. They will be in better shape and feel good and in return your happy pet will be appreciative and want to please you even more.

By: Steven Barnhartl Home and Family> Petsl Jun 22, 2010 Dog Houses and Their Beds – From a Dogs Point of View

So you have found yourself a home. Perhaps you’re a new puppy or a dog that’s had to go through some ‘relocation’. Either way there are some very important things to learn about getting adjusted to your new surroundings or better yet, to train your owner to get your new home the way you like it! For example, relieving yourself on the living room floor from time to time will encourage your owner to get up off the couch and take you for a walk.

By: Steven Barnhartl Home and Family> Petsl Jun 22, 2010 How to Care For Your Dog – Your Dogs’ Need For Exercise

People go to the gym to do aerobics and lift weights, or they go for a bike ride, play tennis, soccer, hockey or any other number of sports. Your dog does not have the same kind of ‘activities’ us humans do however they do need to get some exercise just as much as we do. This is not exclusive to the high energy type breeds but needs to be a part of every single dog’s daily routine.

By: Steven Barnhartl Home and Family> Petsl Jun 22, 2010 Indoor Dog Houses and Outdoor Dog Houses

You turn on the television these days and there is a great deal of focus on training and having a good relationship with your dog. In a lot of ways it is like having a child. You have taken on the responsibility for their care, their health and their happiness. Like a child they need structure and guidelines to learn what is, and is not acceptable behavior. One of the training tools they refer to is giving a pet their own space, their safe haven.

By: Steven Barnhartl Home and Family> Petsl Jun 22, 2010 lViews: 129 Service Dogs and Working Dogs – Their Role in Our Lives

With their calm dispositions, ease of training and keen sense of smell and ability to respond to what is going on around them some breeds of dogs make ideal service and working animals. The service dog will assist people who have physical limitations, have reduced or a complete loss of hearing or vision. They can go by the term ‘helper dog’, Aid dog or ‘Assistance dog’. As with the working dogs they are bred for this type of work.

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Cedar insulated doghouses and extra large dog houses shipped free to your front door!

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